Hot Springs of the Azores

Hot Springs in the Azores

Must-Visit Hot Springs of the Azores

Long days of hiking on São Miguel Island will make each dip in the hot springs even more enjoyable. There are a variety of hot springs in the Azores and each one has it’s own unique character.

TIP: We would recommend dark bathing suits for most of these hot springs. The iron in the water can leave a stain on a light colored suit. Your towel may also get stained, so just use caution.

Hot Springs in the Azores: São Miguel Island

Caldeira Velha

Caldeira Velha is located in the center of the island on the slope of the Fogo volcano. It was the first hot springs we visited in the Azores.

Entrance into the park is €8 and includes access to all three thermal pools. Visits are limited to 2 hours. While I don’t believe anyone was checking to make sure you followed this limit, we felt the 2 hours was more than enough.

Take a dip in the Caldeira Velha hot springs, Sao Miguel Island, Azores

The farthest pool from the entrance is easily recognizable for the waterfall feature. It is also the coldest of the hot springs. It was too cold for us Florida residents to enjoy!

Caldeira Velha hot springs, Azores

The other two pools were much more our speed with temperatures that vary around 100 to 103°F. They were perfect for soaking our legs after a long day exploring the center of São Miguel Island.

Relaxing in Caldeira Velha hot springs, Azores


This is definitely the most wild of the island’s hot springs. The best part about this location? It’s completely FREE!

TIP: There are also FREE changing rooms at the top of the steps leading down to the hot springs.

Ferraria Hot Springs, Sao Miguel Island, Azores

Attached directly to the Atlantic Ocean, visitors access the hot springs from a ladder.

Adventure in the Azores: Take a dip in Ferraria Hot Springs

You need to visit Ferraria hot springs at low tide. This is when the water is warmest, because less ocean water is entering the cove. Our friend Kelly learned to read a tide chart so we would arrive at the exact right time. Thanks, Kelly! It’s also best to be there when the water is calmer. While there are ropes to hold on to, rough waves could cause you to be pushed into the rocks surrounding the cove.

Relaxing in Ferraria Hot Springs, Azores

Parque Terra Nostra

This giant thermal water pool is located within Parque Terra Nostra in the town of Furnas. Finding parking near the hotel can be kind of difficult, but you should be able to find a street space for your rental car.

Terra Nostra Hot Springs, Azores

The pool ranges in temperature from 95°F to 104°F. You will definitely need a dark colored bathing suit here as the iron color is even stronger than the other hot springs.

Hot springs at Terra Nostra Hotel in Furnas, Azores

Outside of the main pool, there are also two smaller “jacuzzi” pools that are a little more private and secluded.

Jacuzzi tubs at Terra Nosta hot springs

Entrance to Terra Nostra is €8 and includes access to the pool and the botanical garden. If possible, plan to give yourself at least an hour to wander the grounds and admire the plants. It’s really well landscaped and feels a bit like being in Jurassic Park – like many spots in the Azores!

Botanical garden at Terra Nostra, Azores

Botanical garden at Parque Terra Nostra, Azores

Poça da Dona Beija

If you decide to visit Terra Nostra by day, consider Poça da Dona Beija hot springs at night! These hot springs are also located in the town of Furnas, but stay open until 11:00 pm, with the pools themselves closing at 10:45 pm. The facility is also open during the day, of course.

Poça da Dona Beija hot springs, Azores

Poça da Dona Beija is made up of five separate hot pools. Each have their own features such as waterfalls and different depths. Entrance is €6.

Poça da Dona Beija, Azores at night

We visited Poça da Dona Beija on the last evening of our vacation and it was the perfect way to end the trip: total relaxation!

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Hot springs in the Azores: São Miguel Island,

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