10 Things You Must Do in Santorini

10 things you must do in Santorini

Santorini is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (unless of course you are lucky enough to return!). If you’re heading to the beautiful Greek island for the first time, there are 10 things you must do in Santorini.

Must Do in Santorini:

1.) Take a sunset cruise

The sunset in Santorini is nothing short of perfect and what better way to experience it than on the water? We took a catamaran sunset cruise with Santorini Sailing, but there are many tour companies to choose from.

Bucket List: See the sunset is Santorini

2.) Explore a vineyard

There are more than a dozen wineries on Santorini and the island’s dry climate gives the wine a unique taste. You can certainly try the wines at Santorini restaurants, but the best way to experience the local wine culture is to visit one of the vineyards. We had a tour and tasting at Estate Argyros and it did not disappoint.

Vineyard at Estate Argyros in Santorini, Greece

3.) Hike from Fira to Oia

You’ll need to block off several hours of time on a morning for this hike, but it is well worth it. The views along the cliffs are gorgeous. Check out our post on hiking from Fira to Oia to ensure you follow the best route. This hike is seriously a must do in Santorini.

View from the hike to Oia from Fira

4.) Visit the beaches

Santorini has a variety of beaches so there is something for everyone. We spent our last day on the black sand of Kamari Beach. The sand gets VERY hot! There is also a red sand beach, though we were warned not to visit because of the dangers of rockslides. The White Beach is surrounded by beautiful white cliffs, but it is accessible only by boat.

Black sand on Perissa Beach in Santorini

5.) Have dinner on a rooftop

We could say it a million times: Santorini’s sunsets are amazing. Make sure to reserve a table at a rooftop restaurant to catch the sunset during dinner!

Sunset view from Mezzo restaurant in Santorini, Greece

6.) Try the beer at Santorini Brewing Company

If you like craft beers, you’ll want to stop by the Santorini Brewing Company for a tasting. Like what you try? You can buy their beers to-go, but you can’t purchase them to drink inside the building. Our solution? You can take your beers outside onto their front steps and sip them there!

Santorini Brewing Company

7.) Admire the view

Fira and Oia both offer stunning cliff side views. We could have spent hours just wandering the towns and snapping photos of the scenery.

View of Fira in Santorini, Greece

8.) Eat fresh seafood

There is SO MUCH delicious food to be eaten in Santorini. We had fish, mussels, octopus, and Our favorite restaurant was Mezzo (visit at sunset), but we also enjoyed Sunset Taverna on Amoudi Bay (despite the name, we did not visit at sunset).

Amoudi Bay in Santorini is perfect for lunch or dinner with a view.

9.) Snap photos of the iconic blue dome churches

If you’ve seen a Santorini postcard, it probably had one of these blue dome churches on the front. Any visit to the island is not complete without snapping some photos of these iconic landmarks.

Must Do in Santorini: Snap photos of the iconic blue dome churches

10.) Relax!

You came to Santorini for the gorgeous weather so enjoy it! You’ll want to spend at least part of your trip relaxing poolside. Have money to splurge? Book one of the cliffside hotels with private pools and you’ll have privacy and a view!

Relax by the pool in Santorini

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10 things you must do in Santorini, Greece

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