Exterior of Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens: The Gaudí Home We Wish Was Ours

Casa Vicens: A Gaudi Masterpiece

Visiting a home designed by architect Antoni Gaudí was near the top of our Barcelona bucket list, but there are so many choices! Some of the most popular are Casa Batlló and Casa Milá, but we opted for one of the quieter Gaudí spots. Casa Vicens only opened to the public a few years ago after a significant restoration.

Gaudí designed the summer home for stockbroker Manel Vicens i Montaner from 1883-1885. At the time he was commissioned, Gaudí was just 31 years old!

Why we fell in love with Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens may have been the first home Gaudí designed, but it oozes talent, personality and color. It’s no wonder he went on to become the most famous Catalan architect and perhaps in all of Spain. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site that you’ll fall in love with at first sight.

As you walk down what seems to be a sleepy street in the neighborhood of Vila de Gràcia, the home seems to jump out of nowhere. Welcoming you with bright oranges, greens, and whites, you’ll find yourself peeking through the wrought iron gate yearning to see inside.

To be honest, we weren’t even planning to buy a ticket! But as soon as we saw the building from the outside, we knew this was the Gaudi that we wanted to tour.

Casa Vicens in Barcelona

The Rooms at Casa Vicens

As geometrical and spunky as the Casa Vicens exterior is, the inside is just as whimsical and fun! Each room has it’s own style and you’ll want your camera ready to capture all the intricate details. Here’s a look at just a few of our favorite spots in the home:

The Porch

The entrance to Casa Vicens is through this cheerful porch with bright florals of greens and oranges that are an extension of the exterior. Pause for a photo before you head through the ornate wooden door!

Porch at Casa Vicens

The Domed Room

This sitting room has the most beautiful domed ceiling and it’s definitely the highlight.

Inside Casa Vicens, a gaudi masterpiece

The Bedroom

Can you imagine how peaceful it would be to wake up to a room with palm fronds etched into the wall? Not only that, the lighting in the bedroom is so welcoming; it just begs to be photographed.

Visit Casa Vicens, a Gaudi home in Barcelona

The Terrace

Attached to the main bedroom is a terrace overlooking the garden. My favorite part: the raised sunflower tiles! I LOVE sunflowers!

Terrace at Casa Vicens, Barcelona

The Dining Room

The dining room includes a fireplace, decorative ceiling and houses 32 oil paintings by Francesc Torrescassana i Sellarés.

Oil painting at Casa Vicens, Barcelona

The Smoking Room

This room has a totally different vibe than all of the others! With a deep blue scalloped ceiling, to hues of greens, yellows, and blues on the walls, and bright stained-glass windows, you’ll almost feel like you’re in a different house.

The Smoking Room in Casa Vicens, Barcelona

The brochure at the museum refers to the smoking room as “Islamic-style” and you can see that reflected in the lamp hanging from the ceiling.

Smoking Room at Casa Vicens

The Bathroom

Yep, that’s WC in the WC! Haha, we know that joke is lame but it never gets old in Europe. (In case you don’t know, WC’s name has a much different meaning in many parts of the world where they refer to a bathroom as a WC or “Water Closet”) *Insert laughing face bitmoji here!*

As for Gaudi’s bathroom design, we learned he was a pioneer in the use of running water. And is that not one of the most cheerful bathrooms you’ve ever seen?!

Bathroom at Casa Vicens

The Rooftop

Gaudi is known for his rooftops and this is perhaps the most fun parts of the home visit. You can get a view of the neighborhood from above and snap lots of colorful photos by the terraces.

On the roof of Casa Vicens in Barcelona
Rooftop of Casa Vicens

Information for Visiting Casa Vicens:

So, we convinced you to visit? You’ll love it! Casa Vicens is open daily but the hours vary depending upon time of year. You can visit on your own (as we did) or book a guided tour. Visit the Casa Vicens website for more information.

TIP: Admission is €16 but every Monday the entry price is reduced. Check out some other money-saving tips in our post on How to Save Money in Barcelona!

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A look inside Gaudí's Casa Vicens