Where to experience flamenco in Madrid

Experiencing Flamenco in Madrid

There is nothing like experiencing your first flamenco show. The raw emotions from the dancers and musicians will hit you like a ton of bricks, and you may find yourself on the verge of tears. Do not be surprised by this: you are not alone.

Knowing nothing about flamenco before visiting Madrid, we were truly taken aback by how moving and seductive the experience is. If the artists’ facial expressions, the swift movements, and the passionate music don’t have an impact on you, you must not be alive!

See a Flamenco show in Madrid

We’ll be honest: we didn’t realize flamenco is as much (if not moreso) about the music as it is about the dancing. We pictured the typical flamenco attire you might see in a movie and imagined we’d be watching a talented dancer perform to the music. Boy, were we wrong and I’m so glad we were.

In fact, we didn’t even see the traditional flamenco attire until more than halfway through the show. It was worth the wait, as we also got to see solo performances by each of the extremely talented musicians.

Where to See Flamenco in Madrid

We can’t recommend Essential Flamenco enough. You will hear a lot of people say that you shouldn’t see a flamenco show anywhere other than Andalusia (where it originated). But what if you’re not visiting Andalusia?! Plus, Flamenco is outstanding in Madrid if you know where to look!

Essential Flamenco in Madrid, Spain

Essential Flamenco takes place in the basement in a small “cave” of bricks. This small intimate setting is perfect for feeling like you’re part of the show.

Essential Flamenco has two shows per evening at 8:30 and 10:00 and is open every day except Monday. Tickets start at €35 and include one drink. Some other spots in Madrid offer dinner with their show. This venue opts against serving meals so the performers get your full attention and silence.

Tickets to Essential Flamenco in Madrid

The Essential Flamenco website says it best: “Flamenco is Pure Passion.”

Don’t be scared off by those who say Madrid isn’t the best spot to see a flamenco show. Maybe it’s not, but it was still one of our top experiences in this artsy and romantic city!

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Where to see flamenco in Madrid