Standing by the Maras Salt Mines

Maras Salt Mines in Peru Closing to Tourists

Why Peru's Maras Salt Mines are closing to tourists

If you’ve spent time in Peru’s Sacred Valley or researched a visit to the area, no doubt you’ve been drawn to the beautiful photos of the Maras Salt Mines! We certainly were and couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit them on our one day tour of the Sacred Valley a few years ago.

Maras Salt Mines in Sacred Valley, Peru

If you haven’t been to this unique spot, though, you’ve missed your chance for an up-close and personal look. Tour operators recently received a letter from the company that owns the salt mines, MaraSal S.A. The letter announced the entrance to the popular site is closing to tourists starting tomorrow, June 15, 2019. We learned about the closure from Oliver Eberlein, owner of Exploor Peru. A copy of the letter is below.

MaraSal S.A. decided to close the entrance due to increasing pollution in the salt ponds (plastic, paper, cigarette butts, etc.). While walking between the salt ponds was a highlight of our Sacred Valley tour, the change totally makes sense. The ponds are used to produce and sell the famous Peruvian salt and quality is extremely important.

View of Peru's Maras Salt Mines

All hope is not lost though: As Oliver shared in his post about the closure, there will still be a general viewpoint for tourists to get a look at the salt mines from a distance. Though you won’t be able to get close, we still think it will be worth the visit for the view!

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