2022 Book Review for 1st Half of the Year

Can you believe it’s already almost the end of July?! With the first half of 2022 wrapped up, I thought I’d share my list of books read so far this year. For each, I’ve designated a star rating. These are all listed in order in which I read them and you’ll see I started off the year with some awesome reads!

2022 Book Review: What You Wish For

2022 Book Review – My favorite Books So Far:

  • Remarkably Bright Creatures – Wow, I just LOVED this one. This book delves into the intertwining relationships in a small town and the friendship between a woman who has seemingly lost everything but finds a new light in her life from a friendship with an octopus.
  • This Tender Land – Not a book I’d usually gravitate to and LOVED it.
  • The People We Keep – A coming-of-age novel that will have you cheering for the resilient young protagonist.
  • Where the Crawdads Sing – It started a bit slow for me but soon the pages were flying by. Even WC enjoyed this one and we can’t wait to see the adaptation in theater later this week!
  • One Italian Summer – Perfect for my fellow travel lovers! This book, set in the beautiful Amalfi Coast, takes a look at loss, grief, love, and friendship.
  • The Vanishing Half – Twin light-skinned Black girls growing up in the South go in different directions with their lives in a book that takes a deep exploration of identity.
  • The Lies I Tell – I could not put this book down and read it within 24 hours! Thrilling read from start to finish.
  • Book Lovers – Emily Henry does it again with whit, charm and surprise. It doesn’t beat her last book for me (The People We Met On Vacation), but it definitely stands right up to it.
  • Notes on Your Sudden Disappearance – This wasn’t at all what I was expecting it to be (I didn’t read the synopsis beforehand) but I loved it.

1st Half 2022 Book Review – Complete List of Books Read:

Physical Books I’ve Read in 2022:

Audiobooks I’ve Listened to in 2022:

If you love reading like I do, check out some of our other Traveling Bookworm posts! I just recently launched this section of the blog and I’m loving sharing my book recommendations. What’s your favorite read so far in 2022? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading (and traveling)!

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