One Week with Sail Croatia: Day 2 – Mljet and Korcula

One Week with Sail Croatia - Mljet and Korcula

In August, WC and I and 16 friends set sail on a 7-day adventure with Sail Croatia. In our last post, we recapped day one from Dubrovnik to Mljet. Our second day was divided between Mljet and Korcula (or Korčula as it is spelled in Croatian). This was a busy day that combined sightseeing and adventure with relaxation! Here’s a recap:

Day 2 with Sail Croatia: Mljet and Korcula

Mljet National Park:

Our second day on the Princeza Diana started early with breakfast from 7:30-8:30 am. At 8:45, our group began the walk from the quaint Pomena Harbor over to Mljet National Park for a bicycling excursion. This excursion is optional so you can also choose to explore the park on your own or just hang out in the harbor area. However, we highly recommend joining the excursion or at minimum renting a bicycle and setting out at your own pace. Biking is a great way to see the park especially if you have limited time.

Planning note: Getting into the national park costs 150 kuna. Renting a bicycle inside the park costs 110 kuna.

Bicycling in Mljet National Park

The path through the national park path runs in a loop around the Large Lake and without any stops it would take about an hour to circle. The views are so spectacular though, it’s highly unlikely you won’t want to stop for a photo break or a swim so make sure you give yourself enough time to really enjoy it.

We began traveling counter-clockwise along the main road starting from the in-park bicycle rental area. You can check out a map of the national park here. Along the way, off to your left, you’ll get a look at St. Mary’s Island or Sveta Marija. This island is home to a former Benedictine monastery. There are several ways to visit the island (ferry or renting a row boat). The monastery was closed on the day we were in Mljet.

We continued bicycling to the very end of the road which brings you to a gorgeous overlook of the lake and some of the most turquoise blue water we’ve ever seen. You can walk down to the water’s edge but be sure to wear water shoes! The landscape is rocky and you’ll need to watch out for sea urchins (this is the case throughout Croatia).

Mljet National Park

After a short stop at the overlook, we headed back the way we came on the bikes to a bridge that crosses the large lake. Note that you have to pick up your bike and carry it over this bridge. Once on the other side, we continued around the loop for a bit until we found a nice spot to stop for a swim!

Bicycle excursion in Mljet National Park
Swimming at Mljet National Park

After a refreshing swim, the loop trails continues back to front of the park / bicycle rental. On the way, you pass through a small town. This is a dismount zone, so make sure you get off and walk your bike. There are signs but they’re small so be on the lookout.

We made a short pit-stop at one of the restaurants in the town for a beer, gelato, and cat-photography break!

Gelato and cats in Mljet

One last activity before heading back to the boat: There’s a little concrete tunnel that runs between the small and large lake beside the bicycle rental area. The water changes direction depending on which way the tide is running. Once you return your bike, hop in for a leisurely float through the tunnel. There’s a bridge above that a friend can stand on to snap a video. Check it out:

Setting sail for Korcula:

After our morning in the park, we got back to our boat just in time for lunch at 1:00 pm. Every day, the Sail Croatia crew prepares a fantastic 4-to-5 course meal for lunch. While we ate, the ship set sail for Korcula. Around 3:00 pm, the boat anchored for our daily swim stop. The water was pretty rough this day so most of us held onto a rope to stay near the ship.

Korcula town:

The Princeza Diana docked in Korcula around 4:30 pm. So as not to confuse you, Korcula town is located on the island which goes by the same name of Korcula. Also on Korcula island is the town of Vela Luka which we visited on our third day of the sailing trip.

The town of Korcula, though, is probably my favorite island spot in Croatia! I know, I know, that’s a big statement, especially given that we didn’t even dock until late afternoon and departed again in the morning! But Korcula really seems to have a little of everything: history, activity, architecture, good food and drink, basically everything we love. From the harbor, this medieval walled city is somewhat reminiscent of Dubrovnik. But once inside the walls, you’re welcomed by adorable tiny cobblestone alleyways filled with activity: charming shops and art galleries, and a variety of restaurants, and wine and cocktail bars.

On this afternoon, our large group split up with everyone checking out different things. Some of the group went with Ivana, our Sail Croatia tour representative, on a walk around downtown. Others set out on a buggy excursion booked through Sail Croatia. WC and I, along with our friend Kelly, wandered on our own.

Staircase to Revelin Tower in Korčula, Croatia
Staircase to Revelin Tower in Korčula, Croatia

After wandering around the town and through some of the shops, we stopped at Mariola Wine Bar for a glass of wine and cheese board.

Tip: If you’re like us, you’ll drink a lot of wine while in Croatia! While you’re in Korcula, make sure you try Grk, a white variety of wine. The Grk grape is almost exclusively grown on Korcula island and is wildly refreshing on a hot, sunny Croatian day!

Mariola Wine Bar, Korcula, Croatia

Mariola is located in an alley across from the popular Bokar Wine Bar. We had hoped to stop at both but we ran out of time because our entire boat had an evening reservation at Massimo Cocktail Bar. Massimo at sunset is a MUST-DO in Korcula and thanks to Ivana, our boat took over the rooftop from 6:30-7:30 pm. To get to Massimo, you climb up a steep staircase into the turret of Zakerjan Tower. Tip: you may want to wear shorts or pants instead of a dress or skirt (or just have someone from your group follow you up the stairs).

Massimo Cocktail Bar, Korcula
Climbing the tower at Massimo Cocktail Bar, Korcula, Croatia

The sunset view from Massimo is fabulous with oranges and yellows stretching out over the Adriatic Sea as the sun fades below the horizon. The night we visited, there was also a DJ playing tunes for a birthday party on the other side of the roof. I say this to iterate that reservations are imperative at Massimo. It is a POPULAR spot. Also, be aware the staff here is very strict about keeping you to your scheduled reservation time.

View from Massimo Cocktail Bar
WC at Massimo Cocktail Bar

After Massimo, we wandered the waterfront looking for a dinner spot. There are SO many restaurants to choose from and we honestly hadn’t researched or planned a reservation. We decided on Cupido which had availability for a small group and was able to seat us pretty much right away. Though the meal was good (and pretty – see below), I wouldn’t say it stacked up to many of the other restaurants we visited throughout Croatia.

Our alternate dinner recommendation: some of our friends ate at Konoba Mareta steakhouse and raved about their meal and service.

Konoba Mareta, Korcula

After dinner, we returned to Art Gallery Hrvoje Kapelina which we’d visited earlier in the day. I had my eye on several pieces and it was a tough decision picking just one! The artist’s work truly captures the beauty and color of Croatia, Korcula specifically, and given how much I enjoyed the town, I had to take a piece home with us to Colorado.

To round out our day, the majority of our group headed to the nightclub Dos Locos No1. This club has FUN vibes with really good music and LOTS of dancing. Our only warning is you should be prepared for a crowd. Dos Locos is also pretty smokey if you’re sensitive to that (this is the case with many bars in Croatia).

And that’s a wrap on day 2 of our Sail Croatia cruise visiting Mljet and Korcula! Day 3 of our cruise happened to fall on our friend Michele’s 30th birthday and it turned out to be quite the celebration which wine tasting and a huge party on the boat!

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A Week with Sail Croatia - Mljet to Korčula

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