Inside Privet Drive with letters to Hogwarts flying around the room at Harry Potter Studio Tour

Guide to the Harry Potter Studio Tour London

We love Harry Potter so visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour London has been on our bucket list for a long time! On a previous visit to London, we did a self-guided walking tour of the Harry Potter sites in the city. But this time around, we finally got to see where the magic happened! In this post, we’re sharing what you’ll experience on the tour.

Getting to the Harry Potter Studio Tour London:

Unless you have a rental car, the easiest way to get to the Harry Potter Studio Tour is by the National Rail London Northwestern Railway. While in London, you can take any underground line to Euston Station. Once at Euston station, you’ll take the the National Rail to Watford Junction which only runs once every hour. When you get off the train in Watford Junction, you’ll board a free bus to the studio. You’ll just need to show your ticket for the studio tour to board the bus.

The bus drops you right out front the studio. In our experience, the lines to get inside were minimal as they do stagger ticket times and there are a limited number of tickets sold for each day. Make sure you purchase your tickets well in advance – they do sell out!

Outside the Harry Potter Studio Tour London
Dress up if you want! You definitely won’t be alone!

What You’ll Find at the Harry Potter Studio Tour London:

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is officially named Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter. The tour is mostly self-guided and includes a massive collection of the sets and props from the filming of the Harry Potter movies. Before you get started, you can purchase an audio guide if you choose (we didn’t so we can’t share any details). If you prefer, you can also book a ticket with a muggle tour guide.

First Half of the Tour:

Your visit starts with a short movie introduction about what to expect on the tour. Then you enter into the Great Hall which is such a magical way to start the day! Your time in the Great Hall is time limited though so enjoy and snap lots of photos. Yes, photography is allowed except in the green screen areas!

The Great Hall at the Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Just before you move on from the Great Hall, you’ll get a look at the famous Sorting Hat! Once you move on from the Great Hall, you will enter into the first main room of sets and props. From here on out, you can wander at your own pace and take as much time as you want.

What we found to be the coolest part is how so many of the sets are actually all in one giant room of the studio. In one direction you might be facing Snape’s potion classroom, but you turn your head and you can see Dumbledore’s office or the Gryffindor common room. You will be in awe! Below I’ve shared photos from just a few of our favorite sets!

Gryffindor common room at Harry Potter Studio Tour
WC using the Pensieve at Harry Potter Studio Tour London
Snape's potion classroom at Harry Potter Studio Tour

You also get to take a stroll through the Forbidden Forest. Be on the lookout for magical creatures and as they say… follow the spiders!

Kristy with Buckbeak at Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Right before you head outside onto the backlot, you’ll get a chance to walk through the iconic Hogwarts Express train.

Mid-point of the Tour:

A little over halfway through the tour, you will reach the Backlot and cafe. This was one of our favorite parts of the Harry Potter Studio Tour and it’s a good stopping point for a break. Here you can grab a butterbeer or butterbeer ice cream. There are also a variety of food items. Eat inside the cafeteria or head onto the backlot and enjoy your snack while looking at the Knight bus or the Weasley’s Burrow.

WC standing in front of the Knight Bus at Harry Potter Studio Tour

After you finish your butterbeer, you’ll want to get in line to walk through Number Four Privet Drive.

Inside 4 Privet Drive at the Harry Potter Studio Tour London

The backlot is also home to Professor Sprout’s greenhouse where you can pull your own mandrake (earmuffs not needed). Additionally, you can walk across the Hogwarts Bridge and take a ride in the Weasley’s car!

Weasley's car at Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Second Half of the Tour:

The second half of the tour starts in the makeup department. So much went into creating the many creatures in the movie – it is quite impressive! You’ll also see a lot more props from the movies such as the Monster Book of Monsters.

The second half of the tour you’ll also get a look at the effects used for the dragon scene in Gringotts. Then take a stroll through Diagon Alley.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour wraps up with a massive model of Hogwarts Castle and the grounds. Photos don’t do it justice! You can walk around the model to see it from all different angles.

Hogwarts Castle model at Harry Potter Studio Tour London
Hogwarts model at Harry Potter Studio Tour London

Cost for the Harry Potter Studio Tour London:

  • Entrance: Adult entrance to the studio tour costs £51.50.
  • Guided tours: The 2 ½ hour guided tour with a small group costs £250. Once the tour wraps, you can re-enter the Studio Tour to revisit whatever you like on your own time. The tour ticket includes digital greenscreen photographs and videos from the broomstick flight over London and Hogwarts Express carriage, as well as a printed wanted poster and a printed Ministry of Magic ID card. You also get a souvenir guidebook and lanyard, a photo in front of the Great Hall doors, and a complimentary Butterbeer or Butterbeer ice cream in our Backlot Café, with souvenir cup.
  • Ticket Add-Ons: There are a variety of add-ons for tickets that you can add when you buy your ticket online. You can add on a nearby hotel stay if you plan to start the day early or finish up late (or just because!). You can also add afternoon tea for two (vegan options available, as well as a champagne upgrade).

Other Notes for the Harry Potter Studio Tour:

Plan to spend approximately 3-4 hours on the tour. Hardcore witches and wizards could spend all day! If you plan to do any of the green screen activities like riding a broom you’ll want to plan extra time for the queues. You might also want to plan for afternoon tea before or after the tour which can take up to 1 1/2 hours. We’ll share our tea experience in another post soon! And – of course – there is a massive gift shop so prepare your wallet accordingly!

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