Planning your travel bucket list

Our Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Our ultimate bucket list of travel experiences

People often ask us, “So, do you think you’ll return to X, Y, Z location?” Our answer is always the same… “We’d love to, but there are SO many places in the world that we haven’t seen yet! So, maybe someday.”

Recently, we’ve had so many destinations on our mind that it’s hard to decide where to plan for next. We came up with this list of 101 experiences for our ultimate travel bucket list, though we admit there are SO many more places to see and things to do!

Our Ultimate Travel Bucket List

1.) Attend the Summer Olympics (attempted Tokyo 2020, tried again for Paris 2024)

2.) See the tulips in Amsterdam

3.) Take an African safari

✓ 4.) Island hop in Greece

Cruising in Santorini, Greece

5.) Sleep in a glass igloo in Finland

6.) Walk the Camino de Santiago

7.) Road trip through Utah’s National Parks

✓ 8.) Explore the Hawaiian islands (we’ve only done Big Island so far!)

9.) Horseback ride across Patagonia

10.) Visit the Christmas markets in Germany and Austria

11.) Ride the Jacobite steam train (Harry Potter train) in Scotland

✓ 12.) Stay in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives

Veligandu Island: An affordable resort in the Maldives

13.) Walk on the Great Wall of China

✓ 14.) Drive the Ring of Kerry

15.) See the penguins in Cape Town

16.) Photograph wildlife in Yellowstone National Park

✓ 17.) Take an Alaskan cruise

18.) Admire the pyramids in Egypt

19.) Watch giant tortoises in the Galapagos islands

✓ 20.) Hike the Azores

✓ 21.) Go wine tasting in Sonoma and Napa

22.) See the Colosseum & other ruins in Rome

✓ 23.) Explore Machu Picchu

Experience Machu Picchu in Peru

24.) Fly high at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

25.) See the Baobab trees & lemurs in Madagascar

26.) Shop the souks in Marrakech

27.) Stand under the Rapa Nui statues on Easter Island

28.) Take an expedition to Antarctica

✓ 29.) Spot sloths in Costa Rica

30.) Relax on the Amalfi Coast

31.) Ride the fondue train in Switzerland

32.) Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York City

33.) Hike through Kyoto’s Inari Shrine to the mountain summit

34.) Walk among the California redwoods

35.) Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef

36.) Volunteer in another country

✓ 37.) Cruise through Alaska

Cruise to Alaska on the Carnival Miracle

38.) Sip wine in Tuscany

✓ 39.) Take a leopard safari in Sri Lanka

Take a leopard safari in Sri Lanka

40.) Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich

41.) Stay at Giraffe Manor in Kenya

42.) Participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony

43.) Visit WC’s family home in American Samoa

44.) Ride a gondola in Venice

✓ 45.) Take a New Zealand road trip

✓ 46.) Warm up in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

47.) Visit temples in Bali

48.) Spot komodo dragons in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park

✓ 49.) See a show on Broadway

✓ 50.) Cruise the Panama Canal

✓ 51.) Climb the Giant’s Causeway

Climbing the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland should be on every travel bucket list.

52.) Walk the inner circle at Stonehenge

53.) Search for a platypus in Australia (my favorite animal and I’ve never seen one!)

✓ 54.) Sail around Croatia

55.) Attend a World Cup

56.) Float in the Dead Sea

57.) Visit the Taj Mahal

✓ 58.) Explore the Acropolis in Athens

Exploring the Acropolis is the number one thing you must do in Athens, Greece

59.) Go gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda

✓  60.) City hop through Spain

✓  61.) See the presidents on Mt. Rushmore

62.) Volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand

63.) Witness the Northern Lights

64.) Brave a Hammam in Israel

65.) Explore the French Riviera

✓ 66.) Admire the Grand Canyon

Take a moment to admire the Grand Canyon

67.) Ride to the top of the Burj Khalifa

68.) Take a European river cruise

✓ 69.) Whale watch in the Azores

70.) See the cherry blossoms in Japan

✓ 71.) Attend a luau in Hawaii

✓ 72.) Visit the Tower of London

Kristy and WC at the Tower of London

73.) See the Anne of Green Gables house in Prince Edward Island

74.) Climb Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka

75.) Marvel at Victoria Falls

76.) Experience the Holy Land of Israel

77.) View Paris from the Eiffel Tower

✓ 78.) Go dog sledding in Alaska

79.) Visit all 50 U.S. states

80.) Stay overnight in a castle in Europe

81.) Explore inland Alaska by train

82.) Eat sushi at Jiro’s in Tokyo

83.) Wander through Pompeii

✓ 84.) Indulge at an all-inclusive Caribbean resort (we love Excellence properties!)

85.) Stargaze from Mauna Kea

86.) Climb Skellig Michael

✓  87.) Explore the hotels in Las Vegas

88.) Spot wild kangaroos in the Outback

89.) Swim with flamingos in Aruba

90.) Drive Highway 1 through Big Sur

91.) Watch the Rockefeller tree lighting in NYC

✓ 92.) Admire Buckingham Palace

Outside Buckingham Palace in London

93.) Ride the cable car to Klein Matterhorn in Switzerland

94.) Tour Antelope Canyon

95.) Take a step back in time in Havana

✓  96.) See the iconic white buildings of Santorini

✓  97.) Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty

View of the Statue of Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry

98.) Climb Rainbow Mountain in Peru (we’ve seen Machu Picchu!)

99.) Attend a game at all of the Major League Baseball ballparks

100.) Take an around-the-world cruise

101.) Renew our vows in front of a waterfall in Iceland (this is our 10-year anniversary plan!)

Yes, we know there are literally thousands more travel experiences worthy of this list (some that we know, and some we’ve never even heard of yet)! What else is a must-do? Share in our comments!

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The ultimate travel bucket list: 100 experiences to have around the world

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